Swollen footpad. Early bumblefoot? No scab


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Feb 3, 2013
I have a hen with a swollen footpad. I can't find a scab. She was acting normal earlier today but wasn't in the roost tonight. I found her in the run under the coop and took her in to check her out (pics below). I put neosporin on her and stuck her in a box in the garage. Any advice is much appreciated!


The brown spot on her foot is just poop. I should retake the photo but I don't want to disturb her.
That does look like early bumblefoot to me. I would isolate her, if possibly, in a well-bedded area without a roost. Unless you want to try surgery on the foot, I would try soaking the foot in an epsom salts solution for a few days and see if that helps.
OK. Soaked her and found a scab. She is isolated. Here's my planned regimen:

Nightly soak with epsom salts for about 20 minutes

nightly application of antiseptic (would you recommend an ointment or something like tea tree oil or iodine?) gauze and vet tape to wrap it up and keep it clean

Should I keep her by herself in the dog crate or if she's nice and taped, let her be with the girls during the day?

I'm hoping to head this off so I don't have to surgically remove it.

I have the same problem now and no scab. I soaked her last night, and could not find the scab but noticed a tender area between her toes. Anyone have any clue what I should do?
So my "Marie" seems to be improving. Here's what I do:

Soak her foot in epsom and put drawing salve on the pad with gauze and secure it with vet wrap. I leave that on for two nights and then remove the bandage the third morning, giving her a day with it open to "breathe" and then soak it again and start over. It seems to be making a difference and it hasn't gotten any worse.

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