Swollen, hot to touch leg

Tara Black

6 Years
Jul 9, 2013
Dover DE
So my hen started limping slightly three days ago, and I figured she probably just landed on it to hard or something of that nature, because it wasn't swollen, she didn't seem hurt or upset by anything I did to it to try and assess for breaks or anything and I couldn't find any cuts or scabs or anything, and it wasn't swollen. I put her in a dog crate in my basement (its cool and quiet down there so I figured she could rest up and keep off it) and watched her closely. Today she seemed fine and was putting weight on it again, so I put her back with the flock. This afternoon I go to let everyone out to free range and she is putting no weight on it and now its really swollen. What can I do to ease her pain and can I give her an anti-inflammatory? What should I do to help her heal? I can't find anything physically wrong other then it being swollen. Suggestions?
No scabs or anything.


They look pretty good , I'd keep her confined and give her half a baby aspirin for the pain.
Arnica products are also good for pain. She may have just landed awkwardly on when she came down from the perch.

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