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May 10, 2010
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My chicken has a lump in her neck, like around her throat.

She has had it for about 4 of her 6 months so I thought it was a breed thing. A farmer friend gave her to me and I have no idea what breed she is, but I thought it was normal for her.

The last 3 days it seems much bigger and she doesn't seem to be hanging around my other 3 chickens as much. So now I think, maybe it is a problem.

Any idea what this swollen lump in the neck could be?

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Oh wow. No, that's not normal.

How does it feel? Is it kind of like a balloon or like a hard mass?

I have read about a condition that collects air under the skin like a balloon, but i will have to figure out how to search for it.
I had a chicken with something similar once. The difference is that my chicken developed the lump quickly (like over the course of a few days) and it was somewhat smaller (but she was still only 10ish weeks old). It felt soft, like the description posted of air under the skin. Unfortunately, she died. I think that since yours has had it for so long it is probably a good sign. Not that you should do nothing. I am not helping, am I? Sorry!
A pic tells a thousand words - and this pic looks like a potential crop problem. To diagnose or rule out try the following. First, hold the chicken upside down for a second or two and see if a greenish or yellowish discharge comes out. If so, you have a birdie with an infected crop. If nothing comes out, and the lump is hard, it more than likely is an impacted crop. Much easier to treat. Get an eyedropper of olive oil and gently put a little bit into the birds mouth. Massage VERY gently and see if this will release the blockage. If not, and you are brave enough, then you may need to cut the crop open and clean it out yourself. In either case, if you do nothing, the bird will die.
I just went out and picked her up, and it felt like it was all just FEATHERS. Is this possible, what the heck?! So, is there some sort of breed that has feathers right there? So weird. Glad she doesnt have a giant mass growing there, though!

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