Swollen Vent/Cloaca, dead tissue, infection?: Vent Gleet?

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    So, our Light Brahma hen (a year old this spring) has a swollen cloaca and vent area. She's still eliminating but it is soft (not diarrhea) and green-ish sometimes with some bloody lining, pretty normal but not in tube-form. There is gooey clear, white, and yellowish (looks like urine with goo?) leaking out of her vent. She's torn inside pretty bad from laying an egg while in this condition. We discovered her condition b/c of the blood - that was 2 days ago.

    We've stopped the bleeding and she's healing from that, but the vent continues to ooze and it continues to be swollen. We've been flushing her with enemas (to keep the poo flowing) and iodine betadine. We've also been stuffing her full of triple antibiotic at finish. We've been giving her 50cc (25mg) Amoxicillian per day (1/2 AM and 1/2 PM).

    ALSO, there is something very wrong in her vent - she has scar tissue...dead white hard tissue still attached to the vent lining. I'm not sure what happened in there, but it doesn't look good. The dead tissue doesn't seem infected. When I'm cleaning her out and hit her reflex spot she pushes as if to eliminate/lay and in the parts that come out then there are yellow plaques.

    Basically, she has the same symptoms as this chicken: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/555426/egg-peritonitis-vent-gleet-something-else and it looks the same.

    except, THERE IS NO STINK. Can Van Gleet happen with no smell? or perhaps that is a later-stage thing?

    So, she's getting slightly better but not much and we want to keep her eating and drinking (which she does fine on her own). She has vitamins, electrolytes, and acv in her water. She's eating chicken feed and scratch.

    Anyone have any idea what this is and what to do for it?

    Oh, btw, she does have an egg deep in there, but it's still in the uterus and not ready for laying yet. She just laid one 2 days ago so we're not thinking egg-bound. Also, her abdomen is not hard or swollen, so not thinking egg peritonitis.

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    There is a thread called The Road Lee Traveled, Back To Good Health on BYC that includes hens with vent gleet and the treatment and results. It is long, but basically it recommends a sulfur-based cream Nustock available at farm stores, and ACV like you are using. Vent gleet is an overgrowth of unbeneficial bacteria (like a yeast infection) and antibiotics will probably make it worse. It does usually smell bad, but maybe the antibiotic is masking this.
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    Right, I didn't want to treat it like Vent Gleet if it wasn't...are you saying that it sounds like it?
    We could try it out and see if there's a marked improvement...

    *edit* Well, our local Agway has some Nu-Stock so we will get it and treat her and see what that does. We'll stop the antibiotics.

    Will report back. If anyone else sees this and has a pretty good idea what it is, then we'll be open to hearing it b/c as of now we're just guessing still.
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    She just laid an egg last night. It took us 7 hrs to get it out of her. She tore a bit, but not as bad as last time. We had her in Epsom Salts water and were lubing her up.

    Here's what we discovered through all this...She has MASSIVE scarring inside. The tissue in the vent that the egg has to come through is not smooth like normal - it is bumpy as all get out. It's all scar tissue! There are many other lumps throughout the tissue. The only smooth tissue is further in (could see it after the egg was out and she was still having residual push urges).

    We don't know what to do for her...all that dead tissue in there is tight and everytime she pushes an egg out she's tearing the little remaining GOOD tissue. Then when it heals back it's hard and bumpy like the other stuff - which is all non-pliable and not stretchy in the least bit.

    It's a mess in there and we just are at our ends. We're thinking we're either going to have to pay a vet LOTS of money to surgically fix her, figure out a way to get her to stop producing eggs, or cull her :(

    One last try...does ANYONE have experience with this and have any advice?

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Nevermind...I see here that Vent Gleet does cause ulceration (edit - and the smell is optional!), so this is certainly what she has. I hope she's not too far gone to save her :(


    btw, the local Agway, indeed, did NOT actually have Nu-Stock like they said, so we're going to try what that page right there says and Monistat 7.

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    What dosage of acv are u giving? I believe my girl may have gleet but roo wouldn't let me get my hands on her this afternoon. Dirty butt and someone had a blowout sunday morning. Looks like feathers are broke off from what i can see so far. Going for some nustock and love beekissed's road less travelled.

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