table of egg weights?


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Apr 7, 2009
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For those of use who intend to use an ordinary food scale for weighing the eggs we will EVENTUALLY be getting, is there a table somewhere saying how many ounces/grams make a small/medium/large egg? I tried googling, but I guess I didn't use the right search words.
I guess that makes my 1oz bantam eggs extra pee-wee!

Edited to add: thanks for this information. I've been wondering about this for awhile.
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Thank you so very much! This is information I can use. (If in doubt, ask at BYC!)
All right, I followed the link for the Canadian egg weight regulations, which went to the home page for the entire Ministry of Justice! I searched around, and eventually found the Canadian egg weight table. It is as follows:

jumbo, min. 70 grams
extra large, min. 63 g.
large, min. 56 g.
medium, 49 g.
small, 42 g.
peewee: anything under 42 g.

This appears to be the same scale expressed in metric, assuming that 28 grams = 1 ounce.

Alas, my food scale is not sensitive enough to weigh eggs. A postal scale would do the job.

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