Table scraps storage and feeding question


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Jun 24, 2011
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My Coop
I am wondering how best to contain our table scraps inside the house so they don't stink up the kitchen before I feed them to the chickens? And how do I feed them the scraps? Do I toss on the ground or put in a container? What do you use?
we put ours in a bucket right outside our door and when we give it to our chickens, we toss it on the ground outside. our chickens really like fruit and fat.

Same here.
I have an old coffee can sitting on the deck. Lots of stuff goes in there before making it's way to my compost pile. The chickens will then scratch at the compost pile.

If there is something real obvious that I plan to give to the birds as a treat, I might simply toss it in the yard, but for the most part it goes in my compost bucket and then to my pile.
Do you put a lid on the bucket? I don't have a deck yet but I could put a bucket in the kitchen at the back door where the deck will be. But I'd have to keep it covered to keep mice out and our cat out of it. Good idea.

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