Tail feathers torn from youngest chicken

Chicken Chiquita

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Feb 11, 2020
@Marie2020 here you go :)
I understand Marie2020 had some problems with her youngest chicken, but couldn't post a thread for unknown reason, so here you go.
I know feathers were torn twice from a young chicken. Advice would be appreciated. Marie2020 pics could also help other people help you, just a suggestion.
Than you @Chicken Chiquita .

My one chicken has had her tail feathers pulled by one of the girls that dominate her at meal times. Watching them i found flexy just about to nibble princess again, so now I'm sure it was who I thought it would be.

Confusingly she didn't seem to do this aggressively yesterday but I've been separating them at meal times for a couple of days now and not putting them together in the coup at night . I've ordered an antibacterial spray which apparently puts off the pecking and I'm praying it will arrive in the morning. There doesn't seem to be any injury aside from missing feathers.


It's so sad seeing my little one like this and really worrying because snow is highly likely to hit us soon
I've had chickens for a year and a half now, and they've been so contented, except with flexy pushing princess away where the food is. I've been ok with dog and now cat training but how on earth do I get through to this sweet lovable, naughty chicken.
Try multiple feeding stations, and if the 'plucker' continues you may want to use Pin Less Peepers until the other bird regrows her feathers.
Pin less peepers? I've not heard of this until now , not in the UK.

I bought a trough which seemed to work well for a while, now I feed the bad girl separately and she eats with her favourite older girl , amber.
I'm hoping just hoping this spray works it's magic in stopping this feather pecking

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