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    Jun 17, 2016
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    So, these pics are of the 4 that seem to be developing. Its day 6. Im wondering if I should up the humidity a little. I have 2 that have detached air cells or semi detached. When I candled before setting, I could not see any air cell. Also, not sure what they should look like, but would like to describe what I see. It looks like 4 layers within the egg, from the top to bottom. I see an air cell, then an area with blood vessels raining down the sides, then a dark ring, then clear egg. I don't see a dark spot or blood vessels radiating from one spot. It just looks like they are raining down the sides of the egg. I'd appreciate any info/advice! Thanks![​IMG]
    This is my blood ring egg that was scrambled in shipping.[​IMG]

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