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  1. maizey

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    My 3 girls (barred rocks) are going on 9 months old. Have been laying steady since early march, pretty consistent egg a day. Have had a couple of glitches from one bird.. had a double yolker, and a shelless egg but other than those two occasions, all is good. I found this today. I cant decide if she ate it, or if it came out that way. There was some yolk in the nest where she lays, and a hole in the egg shell, but it looks crushed, not pecked.. at least to my novice eyes. Everyone is acting fine, no dirty bottoms. They are in a run most of the day but usually get an hour of free range time in the morning, and another 3-4 in the evening. They have layer crumbles, oyster shell and assorted chicken healthy kitchen snacks. What do you guys think? An egg laying malfunction or did somebody try to eat it?


  2. jennh

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    Jun 21, 2007
    That happens sometimes. I would keep an eye on it, but I don't think it's anything to worry about JMHO
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    It just looks to me like one of your hens layed a very thin shelled egg, and possibly sat on it. She may have eaten it, but truly you'll never know.....Sounds like some of it ended up in the nest box.....

    I wouldn't worry, this does happen from time to time, even with the older hens. You'll see so many different things.....teeny tiny eggs (fart eggs) hehe, shell-less eggs (membrane only), wrinkley eggs.....bumpy eggs.......

    Not to worry!

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    Apr 20, 2011
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    Looks like it may have had a softer shell and it was crushed. Doesn't look like someone tried to eat it deliberately. Just my opinion though...
    Hope it's not egg eatin'!
  5. maizey

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    Now that I look closely at the picture, it almost looks like what a snake spits back out after eating an egg...it even has two evenly spaced holes in it. And all those hairline fractures in it. I believe this egg was squeezed and crushed. Either on the way out of a chicken or on the way down and out of a sneaky snake...possible?

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