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Aug 30, 2009
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My Coop
So since I removed 4 hens from my flock, the two Red Stars have taken charge. They're being mean and hateful to the pullets.

Yesterday I needed to clean the pool for the ducks, so I put them out the front door to forage in the "buffer" area between the coop and yard that we fenced off. Let the chickens out too.

There go the red hens, chasing around my little Golden pullet. Who is a flighty little hen, but has learned that I offer protection if she stays near me. Has done wonders for her flightiness around me.

Anyways, the ducks are hanging with them, and one of the hens went for a duck. The ducks are about 5 weeks old now, maybe 6. That duck, snaked it's head around and nailed that hen right in the neck! She jumped back, not expecting it. She made the "fight" face and fluffed her feathers up, and that duck (a female) charged her and "ducked" her with beak nibbles until she ran off.

Never seen anything like it! But the 3 pullets hang with the ducks now during free range time, and the two red hens stay a way back now. Good for the ducks!
Oh it was SO funny. I thought the ducks would get picked on too, since they're still babies. It's even funnier when there is a fence between them. I booted the red hens into the yard, and of course they paced the fence wanting back in. The same duck would charge the fence and give one heck of a stink eye to them. So funny!

It's my "first born" tame duck, she's a riot. No fear. I was worried she was a he but she still quacks. Her sister quacks a lot more. Still undecided on my others. There is at least one boy. I can sit down and touch her and she won't huddle away like the others. She fights if you catch her but settles down immediately. Then she chews on you in protest until she gets sleepy.

I was going to sell off the not-saxony when the ordered chicks get here and are big enough to go outside, but I can't sell her. I'm only going to sell the Pekin and Mallard. Curious if she'll be mean and hateful to new ducks or if she'll accept them. She accepts everything but mean hens so far. LOL
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