TAKE THE POLE!!!!!!!!!

What pet would you rather get?

  • smelly dog

  • cat that scratches everthing

  • horse that kicks

  • goldfish that think he is a piranha

  • parrot that doesn't shutup

  • rabbit that's rabid

  • a blind chicken

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Nov 8, 2017
My Coop
My Coop
I picked the horse. I already have a chicken that is one-legged, poor little Phyllis.
@AMERAUCANAS4REAL Not the chicken? What if it was an ameraucana? :p
No. I don't think I could deal with trying to take care of a handicapped chicken.

And despite my name, I don't actually care for Ameraucanas that much. I made that name up before I realized they weren't as exciting as I thought. Maybe I should change it to D'ANVERS4EVER, but people might confuse me.

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