Taking Birds you didn't know where sick back


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Feb 7, 2010
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I bought a sebastopol goose saturday. She went straight into the quarantine pen as do all new birds on my place. I knew she had a little bit of bumble foot and when i went to treat her today i picked her up and she sounded congested. When i first bought her she had some slimy stuff around her nostril/bill but all the geese i was choosing from were all scared and were doing that spit up puke thing so i just thought assumed it was that (i know never assume). Any way she sounds almost like she has a cold and i don't know what it is.

When i bought her the seller said nothing about the bumble foot (she didn't know about till i pointed it out) or anything about her having any illness which i figure is due to lack of observation.

So my question is, do i take her back and get a refund? I really don't won't to risk getting my other birds sick, i do have baytril that i can administer but since i don't know what it is i don't know if i can treat it. The seller didn't have a no-return policy, and i know it didn't get it from the quarantine pen or my birds.
The seller may not be willing to give your money back but I'd try. If geese are like chickens the stress of moving may've brought out an illness that otherwise would've have shown up.
I have had adult birds shipped to me across the country with no problems, with food and swimming water they were happy as a lark within an hour. I transported her inside my SUV in a clean pet crate with fresh shavings. Despite being in the quarantine by herself which might cause a little stress i wouldn't think that would cause her to be congested and have drainage. I really would like to keep her...but i payed a good sum for her and i feel that i shouldn't have to sink more money into her....But i guess thats part of buying/selling birds. I'm just glad i put her in the quarantine pen and not with the others.

I guess i just needed to vent...
i sent her an email, we'll see what she says....
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