taking down chicken bans


8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
so i am totally obsessed with chickens:cd but i havent been able to be around them since spring and we gave that brood away. i was wondering if anyone had ideas or experience on changing ordinances that are against chickens and do you guys think its too risky to try raising them in a development where they are prohibited? i mean if all the neighbors said okay? so confuzzled.
Im not sure how froo froo your neighborhood is but I live in a nice neighborhood but not like a gated community or anything.

My neighbors are ok with my chickens I give them eggs to bribe them. I have not had a complaint yet. If you get your neighbors in on it then you should be good unless a HOA person comes by, that is one of my worst nightmares!

I say I would fight it because my chickens are my world along with all the rest of my animals but if I had to go to court about it I would of course lose because of the agreement you have to sign when you move in.

If your development does not have a law against that you have ever seen than do it. Or if your like me and could care less about the snobby rich people then go ahead but never get to comfortable because it can change in an instant.

BTW, dont have any roosters....

Hope this helps...
thankyou now if i could convince "he who will pay if anyone sues" then ill be in good shape
Oh and one more thing. Keep everything very clean in case they ever do come it will look good on chickens for the stereotype of chickens being trashy and nasty.

I always keep my coop clean and put everything else organized and locked up.
Personally I think unless your HOA is VERY strict and say they will sue if you get caught I would not take the chance.

If they dont then I would just give options as to keep it clean and allow inspections regulary or agree to sell the chickens and the coop. Sad but true.
yup we were gonna do that but i came home one day and my babies got taken away. you know the brood we had inside.

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