Taking orders for BANTAM Barnevelder hatching eggs. 6+ & 12+ sets

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    We are now ready to start selling and shipping orders for Bantam Barnevelders. We have been working with this breed for two years now and see a definate improvement in scaling down their size. We only breed the best and smallest birds. I would like to see them get a tad smaller, but they are significantly smaller than the LF Barnies. Eggs are big for bantams and what I call "kitchen worthy".

    To learn more, just email me at [email protected] - PMs might go unnoticed.

    Price is $4/egg making 6+ $24 and 12+ $48 plus s&h of $14.70. And when I say "+" I mean all the extras I have. I do not eat eggs, so there is no reason to not send them on to you. It might be one, it might be 4 or more.

    ETA: We can sometimes ship chicks. Just email if you are interested and we can work out the details.
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