Talk about agressive rooster!

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Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
People show no sense! No critter kisses my lips, I wash after handling stuff and animals, and generally try to be careful. It's great that folks are having chickens and home grown eggs, but basic sanitation and hand washing goes a long way!
Food poisoning is miserable, and can be fatal, or nearly. Good food handling does pay off.


Jul 27, 2019
San Luis Obispo County, CA
Heard about this from a friend. So awful!

As for the salmonella, I’m entirely convinced most of those who are getting sick are new to backyard chicken keeping. One, they are just learning how to handle/be around poultry and two, they haven’t had years of rolling around in Farm Germs, as I call them, to give them some resistance.

My sister and I grew up barefoot in the backyard with all our poultry and other pets, so we had a childhood full of natural vaccinations towards germs and ickies that make most people susceptible. We never used hand sanitizer (and I still hate the stuff) and we got dirty (as in, draining and cleaning out the nasty goose/duck pond in our bare feet) all the time.

In short, the salmonella threat doesn’t scare me (at least not that much ;)). But don’t worry - I do wash my hands with soap and warm water after coming in from the chicken coop (but I’ll still wear my beach sandals out there - I have a special bun for chicken coop shoes and clothing items).

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