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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by katharinad, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Everyone talks about flying and non-flying ducks. Non-flying does not really mean non-flying. It more means that cannot fly high, but I knew that when I've got my fertilized duck eggs. As many of you know I have heavy breed German Saxony ducks with big butts. [​IMG] Sunshine and Shadow are now 12 weeks old and have been practicing flying for several weeks now. Today Sunshine, the boy, decided to fly and he did. He was one foot off the ground and flew for about 40 feet. It was fun watching him. He even put his legs in like all the birds in the air do. Shadow has also started to fly, but not to this extend. Its usually for about 4 feet with tiptoeing. Did I mention he is an escape artist? He can squeeze himself through tight spaces to get where he wants to go, usually the decorative koi pond in front of the house. A big no no, but he loves the depth and the water plants he eats in 10 seconds flat. [​IMG] I hope he never gets strong enough to make the 4 foot fence, but you never know. The good news it he does not like to be without Shadow, and she is not interested venturing out.
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    Mine are enclosed and can't really fly fast or in a straight line, because of the space, but they kind of hover around like a helicopter if they get really scared and it's cute to see them flapping around in the air.

    A few times 1 of them flew right into me and i think he was so scared he couldn't control himself, but i kept laughing as he bumped into me and i just stood still, because i didn't want to scare him anymore.
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    My magpies would fly across our back yard just a couple feet off he ground, :D

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