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Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by Terri O, Jan 19, 2010.

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    I am considering getting some pigeons. Once I have them properly set up in the loft of my chicken coop and they are out flying and doing pigeon things; what are the chances that they will stay in the barn with the wild ones that live there and not return? Also the opposite; will the wild ones come into the pigeon loft with the tame ones? I do not know yet what variety I will keep, if that makes a difference. Thanks--Terri O in WI
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    If your birds are trained well enough (as in, they know how to go back in and when), then they shouldn't stay with the ferals. There is a very good chance the ferals will follow them in once they figure out there's food in there. Mine have brought home a small flock of ferals from a training toss once. They didn't come in side but they landed on the roof and peered in. Only one feral has ever come in my loft. I saw it outside, so I uncovered the trap door, and he was a smart cookie - went right in after a few minutes of studying the door. I separated him, medicated him, got him fat and happy, and released him back into town. Had to be the most healthy feral pigeon in the county when I was done with him [​IMG]
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    Thanks! Maybe I will just set it up and have the chickens tell the ferals to go in there...then I wont have to buy any pigeons! Terri O

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