Taming Chickens???


12 Years
Sep 26, 2010
South Georgia
Is it possible to tame chickens. when i say that i mean making previoulsy mean chickens nice. Like i have a cochin mix who never wants to be around me and i have a laced wyandotte and she comes up and lets me touch her ( if i have food in my hands ).... Haha so is there a process to make them more friendly toward me.
My favorite trick for taming is to put some meal worms in a bowl, then have bird to be tamed placed on lap next to bowl. Bird will have to be restrained gently. Let eat a few, then release her. Little later repeat process. Be carefull not to stress bird when collecting it. Do not look directly at it either, maybe percieved as threat. Always move with a slow deliberate manner. Then put plate with mealworms at your feet. Stay seated do something like reading. Want bird to approach you. Then get bird to jump to you lap. May take baby steps (short jumps). Looking for bird to get onto lap for feeding and eventually sit on your lap. This process needs to be carried out over several days. Criterion for tame with my trainees is bird will crouch with wings allowed to fall open and preening while in contact with me. Willingness to fall asleep also a good sign. Really tame birds will approach and jump onto lap without food as inticement.

If you want a product that is really tame, starting with young birds is best. If individual set in ways, then progression will be slower and likely not go as far.

Best of luck and keep up posted in respect to progress. I have been documenting my technique for future reference. Helps reflect on what does and does not work.
i used your trick today and actually was able to hold 2 of the birds i just purchased from someone. I was surprised actually. The other chickens werent as friendly at first but then they started letting me touch them. They wouldnt let me touch them with my hand just fingers. The ones i wanted to hold were raised with half of the other chickens so i dont know why they were different. possibly breed??? 1 i could hold was a laced wyandotte and the other was a easter egger...
Reads good. With each effort you should be able to get birds to become more relaxed. Be carefull not to feed birds to point where they are full. Keep them wanting more of the treat. Breed and individual variation will be a factor influencing how fast and completely they tame.
Keep it up! Try to get birds to fly up to you so perching on hand or arm by enticing with food. Do from sitting position first. Then as they do it readily, make them fly higher. You should be able to get them to respond as individuals to names if your are consistent.

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