Taming Llamas

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    We got our llamas on Monday. They're very sweet. Momma and daughter will let you feed them, they'll let me pet them while I feed them llamas pellets, and momma will easily let you halter her. How to get them to let me pet them when I don't have food? I'd like to be able to walk up to them w/o having them wander away from me. Baby will come up and nuzzle your nose if you crouch down and stay still, but I'd like to be able to walk up to both of them w/o spooking them.

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    Jul 31, 2008
    Eaton Rapids, Michigan
    Every Llama has a different personality.
    They don't really like to have there heads touched but they do like there necks scratched.
    You have to have patients when it come to these animals.
    Just keep talking to them, touching them, and grooming them they will soon realize your there friend. I have 3 of mine that just run the yard and when I call them they come running.
    I have been raising Llamas and Alpacas for around 5yrs now.
    when a cria is born you need to touch them all over every day. I rub there heads alot to get them use to having there heads touched.

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