Tapatalk problem - help please


8 Years
Oct 5, 2011
near Baton Rouge, LA
I cannot use Tapatalk to post at all on a couple of threads to which I am subscribed. Please let me know if there's any workaround or if you expect this issue to be resolved. The 2 threads that I am having problems with are:

PayPal / Hatching Eggs Swap
Hatching Eggs / Paypal CHAT Thread

Thank you for any help you can offer!
Sorry for the delay. We haven't been able to find a fix for this and right now almost all of our developer resources are being put into completing the mobile version of BYC so we don't have to rely on Tapatalk anymore. I've been testing the beta version and it is AMAZING!

We're working hard to get the beta mobile BYC up for our members to test ASAP. In the interim, I think there are ways to clear the Tapatalk cache, reset the login / connection with BYC, etc. from your phone. Sorry I don't have more experience with Tapatalk. Maybe others on here know more about that app.
I hope the mobile version is out soon! That's great news. I have tried many, many times to reset the login on Tapatalk, but it still doesn't work. I have even un-installed and re-installed the app with no success. Thank you for responding. Any projected time frame on the mobile version?

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