Tape worms - treat flock or just affect hens?

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    I have a backyard flock of 5 hens, 5 4 month old pullets and a rooster. Last night while checking on the chickens, I noticed poop with small, rice-size worms in it. I'm certain it came from the pullets, but I'm not sure which ones. The flock sleep together in the coop and are in a pen together everyday until 3 o'clock, then I let them out to free range until dusk. Since everyone is together most of the day, I'm not sure how to treat just the pullets, and it seems like the older hens would have worms too. Should I treat everyone?

    I'm planning to treat following dawg53's advice "Go to the feed store and buy Zimectrin Gold equine paste. Give your tapeworm infested SS's a "pea" size of the amount of the paste orally. Redose them in 10 days. Withhold feed as before for 24 hours before worming."

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    Everyone, definitely.
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