Taste Test: eggs from different fowl, participation encouraged



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Mar 11, 2017
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I finally got my first duck egg and I'm preparing to do a taste test and I'm proposing others join in. I plan to cook a duck egg and a chicken egg the same way and compare the two. They both have the exact same diet, so it will be interesting to see, side by side, exactly how different they are. You are welcome to follow along, but if you have different kinds of birds yourself, I propose you do the same. Cook a chicken egg, a duck egg, a turkey egg, a goose egg, a quail egg, whatever you have, prepare them the same way, eat both, side by side, take notes, take photos, compare, share your findings here.
Unfortunately I only have chicken eggs.
I love experiments so I will be following along.

Maybe I can go by some duck eggs?

or maybe you have eggs from two different chickens and you can see if there is any noticeable difference? or compare a store bought egg to your eggs? or organic to non-organic? and see if you can taste the difference or another friend/family member can taste the difference.
You mean you want me to buy store bought chicken eggs? :eek:

If I have to buy any eggs I'd rather spend the money on something I don't have..like ducky duck eggs.

I will go to the only place I know around here that might have some tomorrow to see if I can buy some.
Hey wait ..
I just did this! Boiled eggs for lunch, lol .. one from an EE and other from an ISA Brown. Both equal in taste and texture: smooth, creamy, and scrumdiddlyumptious :gig
Did you take pictures??!?
I've got duck eggs, Chicken eggs, and turkey eggs, waiting for my Guineas to start laying. I prefer duck eggs over chicken eggs when it comes to frying them, Fried duck eggs for some reason taste better to me, Although they don't make the best scrambled eggs, Turkey eggs I don't like, They're pretty rubbery/chewy, I haven't tried scrambling them yet though... Can;t wait to try some Guinea eggs~

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