Tattoo Wanted - Wife Objects.... What Do Ya Think?


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Mar 14, 2009
Ok, those of you who know me know that the ink I have can easily be covered with a T shirt. I want one across my stomach, sort of inspired by a guy some of you may recognize.... It has different meaning for me than it may for others, but here you go.

The thought of me getting more work done grosses out my wife, but she married me with scars, warts and ink already
Just want to add more to what I've got.



Boyd, to be honest, a guy kinda ought to do everything he can to remain attractive to his wife. Wives, after all, have goody parts that always appeal to men. But your average guy does not. So I'd say, make it easy for her to be attracted to you and remain "unscarred".
I totally agree! I got my first Tattoo against DH's wishes 3 years ago. It is not a tramp stamp and it is in a private area. I wanted another one this year and he said please don't I dont like them on you-I agreed for him. I want him to want me in every possible way-not be repulsed by little things I did for me. I got one-and Im happy with it. As long as he keeps up his end for me-we'll be just fine :)
i'm with BH.... she has to look at you - you do want that, right???

besides, once you get all slim and trim you might start walking around without a shirt for all the world to see - and you want to show off the six pack, right?
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6 pack? I carry a full on Keg

I know I shouldn't but its the last one I've always wanted to get forever
You are married and devoted to her, if you want it, get it. You're not cheating on her, you're not abusing her, you're not doing drugs, the tattoo will not put you in forclosure, everyone will still eat, and you all are going through a very difficult time.

I would back my husband if that is what he wanted. It's his body. I'm married to it, but I don't own it.
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Maybe I'm strange, but I think tattoos are quite attractive on a guy, especially when they can be hidden easily. There's just something about that mystery appeal! LOL I think the tattoo you are looking could be very attractive and is not too crazy or anything of the like (I'm not a fan of people who get way too many tattoos, or sleeves, or anything like that)

Is there some way you and your wife can compromise. Like maybe get it smaller, somewhere else, slightly different design, etc? Maybe you could tell her you want her to help you design the tattoo. I know I would jump at that idea! It would make me feel special that my SO valued my opinion so much that he wanted me to help design a tattoo, something that will be there forever!

I do think that inidividuals should be allowed to be individuals in a relationship, but I also agree that there needs to be compromises. Hopefully you can work this out!
Actually I talked to her about it elsewhere but in general tattoo's are
to her
Until she relents and doesn't mind, I won't go behind her back and get it... I like falling asleep on the couch while a lazy football game is on, but I don't want to sleep on it every night

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