Tattoo Wanted - Wife Objects.... What Do Ya Think?

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Apr 19, 2009
Fall Creek Falls TN
My husband has both legs up to his knees and his entire back covered in ink. To be honest- I completely forget about them until we go to a festival or something in the summer (shorts season) when people stare and ask who did the work.


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May 27, 2009
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Hi Boyd, just the other day I was talking about getting another tattoo. My husband said no. And I was very offended by that. It is my body, and I feel like as long as the tattoo is tastefully done, I should be able to choose what I want on it.

I only have two, and they are in places that can be hidden from the public. And the next one will be too.

No offense to your wife, but I say if you want it, get it. You only live once Boyd.


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Jul 31, 2008
Quote:Sure, that's because you wore out Mike Rowe!

See, if Mike Rowe got a tattoo on his forehead, like my name or something, he'd still be hot!

I would like to search Mike Rowe for tats... (hehehe my own personal treasure

but Boyd if you want another tat go for it... BUT remember these few tidbits:
1) tattoos that high up on the tummy can be "altered" with weight loss or weight gain
2)If you ever needed open heart surgery you know the doc would mess the sutures up cause they can mess the whole tat up
3) tats should have meaning.. this is something that will be on you the rest of your life (unless she never lets you in from the dog house then I guess the plastic surgeon can remove it

now my next comment is bound to get some sort of "reaction" and I am not trying to stir the pot or provoke an argument... but that "kind" of tat reminds me of a wanna be gang member ..( i know very stereotypical statement) ... I am sorry
the type style and the location .. not very flattering...
just like the tats that run down the back of the forearm ummm no not attractive

for the record, both DH and I have tats and piercings, so I am not an old fuddy duddy with my cane
sayin all you youngins are just plain nuts

just my $0.02 (cdn funds) worth
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Feb 18, 2009
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I want a tatoo and DH wants a tatoo. He doesn't want me to get a tatoo and I told him if he got one, that automatically means I can get one. So now neither of us have one.


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May 19, 2008
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HEY! Theres a little too much talk about my Mike going on around here...


Kiss My Grits...
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May 19, 2008
Western MA
And as for Mr. Boyd, I think you need to get my nickname for you (Dinky) put on you...
otherwise..yeah, wait till the wifers says okay...


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Jan 25, 2008
Boyd, I would honestly get her approval first.

As cool or neat as it may be, just think, after a few years the tattoo will be faded and worn, but your wife will still be there for ya. I would get the wife's approval first.

Even if you have to barter, beg, or promise to do something to get it. It's just silly to go behind her and do it. At the same time, I think if you show her you're truly serious about it, she should relent. Maybe reluctantly, but she'll relent.

In all honesty, there is a tattoo, I have always fancied getting in a easily hideable location. But, until hubby says okay, it just ain't gonna happen.

My relationship is a considerably more important than getting some artwork done.
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