Teacher Needs Some Help!


May 9, 2017
Please help! I am a 1st grade teacher and my kiddos were so excited about our chicks hatching in our incubator yesterday... they still haven't hatched. The eggs were placed in the incubator 21 days about about 18 ours ago. All the chickens have pipped but none are making any progress, except for one. It was the first to pip yesterday morning. It's beak has been out for about 12 hours with no progress besides that. I turned up the humidity and added more water. I don't know what to do! I don't want to traumatize these little 1st graders thinking all 7 of the eggs are pipped then none come out. I can hear them cheeping. I was worried about leaving them in my school over night because it was so cold in the building! So I tapped the incubator closed wrapped it in a blanket and hurried home. I plugged it in as soon as I got home and the temperature hadn't dropped but a few degrees. I'm so worried I messed them up! Please let me know what I should do! I've hatched chicks in the same incubator before. I am attatching a picture of the one chick who's beek is out. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am up at 4am so worried about these chicks, and that I'm going to have 18 crying 1st graders tomorrow.

I am not completely sure that I am brave enough to help them out!
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Good news! One has hatched! I won't completely devastate my babies in the morning. Crossing my fingers for more!

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