Teaching Bantams to Roost


6 Years
Jan 11, 2015
I've been raising 4 little peeps since their arrival in early September. There is a Speckled Sussex, Orpington, Bantam Cochin and a Bantam D'uccle. Everyone gets on well and the Sussex is definitely vying for the top spot on the pecking order. I moved them outside full time about two weeks ago.

My problem? The two regular sized girls go to roost without issue in the evening. The bantams though, they are wild and will only roost if I set them up there, and then ultimately push the sussex off into the pine shavings below. Why? So they can crawl underneath her like she's their mother.

Yeah, it's kinda cute, but I've never had bantams before, and I'm curious if this is normal behavior for them. I'd add that while it's a little chilly at night now (40s), they are fully feathered and were doing the same thing when it was 80 degrees outside. (Weird November weather, I know.)

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