Teaching ducks to eat out feeder


11 Years
Apr 24, 2008
Detroit Michigan
I have 2 ducks and 5 chickens. I recently started keeping the ducks outside all night with the chickens. The chickens all eat out of a hanging metal feeder. But my ducks are not catching on that THAT is where food comes from.

I tried putting a bowl under the hanging feeder and then taking it away hoping they might notice that the food is hanging above where the bowl used to be. But they are still not using the feeder.

I've also tried lowering the feeder but then my chickens just made a huge mess and ducks hate the mess up off the ground and didn't touch the feeder.

How do I teach them to eat out of the feeder?
Gentle grab them and stick their bills in it. Sure they may be skittish at first but they will get the idea once they taste it. You might have to do it a few times before they get the idea. Also, place the food away from the water , unless you like soggy food.
I have tried dipping their bills in to the food, but they just flap around like crazy ducks and run as fast as they can away from me.

I have their little "pond" out side of the coop in the run, and they drink from there. I also have a plastic hanging water in the coop. But they have not figured out how to drink out of that yet either.
the trouble with putting treats and such in the feeder is that the feeder is shared with 5 chickens who know how to use the feeder and REALLY love treats.

Those poor ducks will never even know the treats where in there.

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