Teaching them coop is home

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    May 28, 2008
    Either tomorrow or the next day our coop will be ready for our chooks to move in!! [​IMG] I have read here something about keeping them in the coop exclusively for an amount of time (1 week? 2 weeks?), not allowing time in the run, to teach them the coop is home. How long should I keep them in there?

    (I'll clarify that there will be lots of room for them in the coop [​IMG] )
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    You could leave them in there for 4 or 5 days (if it's not too hot for them) then let them out a couple of hours before sunset but leaving them in the run and hopefully they go into the coop by sunset. You may have to pick them up and place them in the coop at sunset if they don't go in on their own. If they don't go in on their own then lock them up in the coop a couple more days and try it again a couple hours before sunset and they should get the hang of it soon.

    I had to pick a few of mine up a couple of times and put them in the coop but they catch on pretty quick most of the time.
    Good Luck...


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