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Dec 1, 2018
I have been keeping chickens for quite a few years now and enjoy them. I started with buff orpingtons and wanted to breed some but the roosters I ended up with were always so aggressive that I gave them away. I would still like to have some babies but the roosters always end up just tearing me and the hens up so I just keep hens now. Right now I only have 4 girls left, we seem to have a lot of predators here at our new house. I had gotten 10 gold lace Wyandottes about 5 years ago. They were awful to each other and picked at each other all the time. I am really kind of glad they all are gone now and I am back to orpingtons and they are so much easier to deal with. I think these hens are sick or something as they just stopped laying in the middle of the summer and are starting to eat less now. I am still watching them and hope they make it through the winter. I now have a wonderful coop for them with lots of ventilation and a cement floor so I can keep it clean and nice. They get out a lot and we have 5 acres for them to roam and find lots of bugs to eat. Well that is me and my tiny flock for now.


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Jul 23, 2018
Edgewood, KY

If they are eating and drinking ok with normal behavior probably ok. Buffs tend to go broody and will not lay much during that time. End of summer fall begins molting season and when daylight hours diminish to less than 14 hours per day causing egg production to cease till spring. Adding light may help egg production but many of us here do not add light and feel this is a needed time of rest for the chicken where most of the energy and nutrition go to new feather production and winter readiness. Hope that’s all it is! Good Luck and enjoy the site!​


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Apr 6, 2017
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My Coop
Welcome to Backyard Chickens!:welcomeWe are glad you joined the flock! BYC is a helpful site providing all of the information you need to know about poultry! There is always space for more members on the BYC roost!:highfive: What is the Temperature in your area? My chickens tend to reduce in feed consumption when weather conditions are extreme. When the temps get below 20 degrees (including wind) it can make a difference. Hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do!

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