Teff hay, anyone here feed it? $10.99/bale at B&E in Norco!

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    I was at the feed store for my weekly stock up of chicken feed and the manager was on the case of the checker saying "You gotta talk up this Teff hay! We need to get more people to use it! Heck, I would GIVE away a bale if someone would try it!" Well, NOW yer talkin'! I piped up that I wanted a free bale of that teff hay, cuz i already feed grass hay and have for years, and would really love to try a new one. It is about five dollars a bale cheaper right now because he is trying to promote it. Plus, you can buy a fifty dollar gift card and they give you $55 on it. Woot! That makes it like five or six dollars PER BALE cheaper. Well, i got my free bale and gave some to my filly and she LOVES it! She walked right over and stuffed her little mouth full and just stood there chowing down. I will have to report back to the owner of the feed store and thank him for the bale and tell more people about it, AND stock up before the price goes up! It is supposed to have a better protein/carb ratio, highly palatable and tougher than bermuda hay, but not as coarse as oat hay. If you have it near you, check it out. Give it a try.

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