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My husband has been offered a job in Ga making 1 and 1/2 times his salary now. The job is in Macon, Ga. What is the area like and what is the nearest rural town? We would like to have land and be out of the business of the city and traffic. Right now we live in the middle of Amish country and it is slow going. DH's commute now is 45 minutes to the city where he works. We know nothing about Ga being that we have lived in De our entire lives!

I am not keen on the idea of moving and it is not a definite just yet. If anything, it may not be until 2012. I am just trying to get an idea of what we might be looking at!
Rural Georgia?

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Bec, just watch where you live, the elevation. Years ago, we were going to move there to be close to Warner Robins AFB after DH retired, but the entire area was under water due to flooding.

Carry on, folks, with constructive information.
Housing prices alone would make me move there. The northeast has been getting hammered weather wise. They say it's going to stay that way because of global warming. So might as well move somewhere with a little more room and housing at about half price of Delaware. You're already used to high humidity. Check out land and housing on the internet.
I'm new to raising chickens and am still waiting for my little chickies to hatch, but I currently live in Warner Robins Ga (45 mins south of Macon), and I love it! However, I'm still in the processing of finding out if raising chickens is allowed here, and I'm finding that's it's like squeezing blood from a rock just to get a "yes" or "no" answer. Warner Robins is relativity well developed arear, but go 15 miles north and your into Byron and it's farm country out there and only 30 mins away from Macon. Byron is very nice and open, and the schools are OK, but not exceptional. I don't know if you have children and if the school district is important to you, but Bonaire (right next to Warner Robins), which has farms and neighborhoods mixed in together, has the best schools and is 45 mins away from Macon. Fort Valley (southwest of Macon) is pure country and mostly wooded farms. The area down here is certainly a far cry from Delaware, but the climate is very mild and perfectly heavenly during the spring. And if your used to snow and if you do move down here, you better get used to a few flakes a year, if that.
Barnsville is another great place. It's small town America, meets Green Acres. It has tons of farms up there and if you ever been to a Chick-Fil-A (fast-food restaurant) that's where the founder of the place lives on his cattle farm. :)Barnsville is closer to Atlanta than any of the other place I mentioned and is west of Macon about 45 mins.
I would have to second everyone else and say a trip would be a wonderful idea, but I think if you stick to places such as Bryon, Fort Valley, Bonaire and even the small town of Barnsville, you will find prime chicken raising country while still be within 45 mins of Macon. I hope some of this helped and I pray I didn't babble too much;)
Me and DH visited Georgia a few years ago in the North East part of the state. I told him at that time that if we ever change states, we are moving there. Everything was so pretty and everyone was really nice. Good luck on your decision.

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