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7 Years
Apr 10, 2012
What breed and gender is this thing? The brown one, sorry for the poor pictures. They don't like me, unlike the rest of my chickies.
Oh you definitely have 3 barred rocks in that pic. Looks like a BSL upper left corner. The brown chick on the ground between the 2 barred rocks is an EE pullet. I see white rocks and a production red and maybe buff orpington. From what I can see, all pullets.
Haha, like my chair roost anyway? Well, Here's what we bought. The one in the corner, the black, is SUPPOSED to be a Australorp, and if you can see her full on, you can tell she's getting the golden brown neck feathers like most Australorps. The "barred rock' were supposed to be Black Sex Links, BSL. But even I can admit, They look like Barred Rocks. Yes, we have Buff Orpingtons, so it's nice to know those are what they... are.. Anyway, I appreciate it. I might get more pics and post them here of all of my chickens, so you can all sex them. I appreciate it. Thanks you guys. :)

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