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12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Well I am a dork today. I have been taking some lovely supplements that have really really helped with my anxiety attacks. I also changed my diet a bit so that I am not going without food for super long periods hoping that would help also. So what do I do. I skip taking any supplements yesterday and today and I went without food almost 12 hours while trying to drag 3 children through the city and museums. I am a worn out jittery mess and I kinda deserve it. Got a bit over confident and got sloppy.

So to get me through my current attacks I am looking for happy stuff or jokes or good news.

I already told myself all my happy news but my brain was very unimpressed apparently.
Hope someone else can chime in and help.Im about rock bottom myself.No answer's for problems in my life and dont have a clue.My happy pill is a few beer's and maybe a few hours sleep if I'm lucky.But with full time grandson usualy it's not hapenning WEEEEE I got a day off.Tomm. will be the usual stuff. Im going to recliner I guess Only sleep I do get 2 nights a week when hubby off cause I dont have to sleep in bed with snoring.
Ive got a really lame joke if you'd like to hear it.
Super lame, but it made me giggle...

Why do ducks have flat feet?

Try those snoring strips. Worked for my hubby. I take melatonin( I think thats what its called) to help me sleep. With 4 kiddies you would think I would not need help falling asleep but I could stay awake for days without a bit of help.
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Ok, here is a kind fun thing. My dh and I went to a chicken show this past weekend and it was spectacular! There were many great birds and while I am currenty chickenless, I am going through chicken withdrawls or I have a severe case of I Miss Chickens-osis. So here I am in the swap/sale barn telling myself that there are a million and one reason to wait until spring to get a few birds. The most important one being that I have no coop and winter, she be approachin'. So, with that in mind I am an island of strength. Until I get to the rabbits.*Sigh* Yep, I bet Im the only one in America who goes to a Poultry Show and buys a rabbit. Everyone at the show thought this was utterly hilarious and that I needed a crash corse in the difference between a chicken and a rabbit because this is after all a Poultry Show!!
He is a young Red New Zealand, ear tat WI 5 pre named Wally. So, I named him Wallace and he currently resides in my living room.
Bet my hubby is regreting sending me to the car to get the camera!
I got some pullets! SOOO cute! i'm intergrating them right now, and the only chicken that doesn't give 'em trouble is my RIR rooster! the'll peck 'em and he'll just scoot away! I
that rooster!

Find something to do! buy a plant! go camping! be happy!

will send you happy thoughts!
just gave my rabbit a massage. (i know it sounds crazy) he was feeling tense. then i let him run around the yard. speaking of the lil gremlin, i've gotta catch him!
My chickens got wet in the rain today. They were all dripping when I brought them inside the coop. I went to the house and brought back a towel. I picked up my favorite little silkie and dried him off. Then the other silkies looked at me like, "Me too?" so I dried them off. Then all of them were all lined up to get dried off! Then all of them were clucking happily.

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