Tell me why I should or should not keep this rooster


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I ordered 4 sexed chicks from MPC. They are now about 7 weeks old, and I am almost 100% sure one is a rooster. I can't decide if I should keep it or not.

On one hand, I really wanted 4 hens because that's the quantity of eggs I can use. Also, I have a toddler and infant, and I've heard that roosters are too aggressive to be around young kids.

On the other hand, this rooster has yet to be aggressive (although it's pretty much still a young one, too). And I've heard roosters protect the flock. (My birds aren't free ranged, but they occasionally spend time in my 1/4 acre backyard.)

I am not worried about crowing. It won't bother my family, and my neighbors aren't close enough to mind, I don't think.

If it makes a difference, this rooster is a salmon favorelle.


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Well, the only thing you can really do is wait until the rooster matures to see if it becomes agressive. I think it's about an 80/20 chance that it will be agressive.....It's just the nature of the beast....

One thing to consider is that, your hen to roo ratio is low. (A good ratio is 10 hens to 1 rooster.) What happens with a low ratio is that your hens get over-mated, which leads to raggedy feathers and stress. As a backyard hobbyist, I don't like my hens to look raggedy. Roosters often pull feathers while mating, so you could have hens with bare necks and backs, and even sometimes injuries, if your rooster is extra rough.

I personally would not keep the rooster, and get another hen while they're still young......Just MHO

Take care and good luck!



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I don't think the rooster will be a problem per say but here are few tips to prevent it from getting randy. Do not handle or make it a pet, don't hold it and walk around with it, let it be. coddling it as you would a pet is the main cause for the bad behavior, not saying he will go bad but the changes greatly increase if you do that. as far it being a SF that really won't matter, they can go bad as much as any other. If the chicldren are to interact with the chickens which is a good idea for any kid, just make sure they do the same as you no handling or excesive attention to the flock. These measures will help keep both your chickens and your family living peacfully together. good luck as it's allways nic to have a pretty rooster in your flock and those SF look very nice as adults.


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I agree with chicmom, and will add that, no matter how non-agressive your roo might appear at any age, I would never, ever turn my back on a roo if I had children with me as young as yours. Yes, there are benefits to having a roo - do you desire hatching eggs from your flock? They do keep an eye to the sky for predators - but you mentioned that you won't be free ranging them. If it were me, I'd follow chicmom's advice. Good luck with your babies!


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I have several roosters and out of all of them, there is only one that might be a little aggressive but it is a golden sebright. He's pretty harmless because of his size. I have 2 standard cochin roosters that are as sweet as can be, also several mixed breeds. They may have little skirmishes with each other, but never with me or anyone else.
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I agree with al, I did this with one of my first white cochin roosters and he came after me every chance he got, went after my little nephew and neighbor kids too. Needless to say that roo is no longer with us
At the moment I have 44 birds and out of those 44 birds 10 are roosters but 4 of the 10 are young and haven't posed a problem yet. Things to look out for or signs so to speak on a roo developing bad behavior are....

1- the cockerel will start to dance around you like you are one of his hens
2- he will start going after the pullets in a very demanding sort of way to try and mate with them
3- He will begin to dominate you by jumping on you

Thats just what I noticed with the white cochin roo, from 2 weeks of age that little stinker was charging at me.
Salmon favoralles (sp) are cute little buggers, I hope he turns out well for you and your hens.


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A lot depends on the breed and I am limited in my knowledge as I only have had a couple of breeds. But my Sebrights are much more aggressive than my White Rocks.

I have read a lot where roosters that are coddled and handled a lot tend to end up being the bad ones. It is better to have them be a little standoffish imho.

And it takes about a year for their true nature to come out.

Personally I love my roosters. They don't like being touched or petted but they tolerate it when I catch them on the roost in the evenings.


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Ok I have just the opposite.When Penguin was a baby(Igot him at 10 days old) he was the smallest, most friendly. He would often jump on our laps and sleep loved to be cuddled. Was the first to jump up on my arm or shoulder. He is a year old now and one of the sweetest most laid back roosters I have ever seen. He is never aggressive to us hardly ever mates in front of us. He will wing dance his girls and if they are not interested he will move on to the next. He always feeds his girls first even if that means no treats for him. When we had a broody that hatched back in April he would get in with the babies and cluck softly to them while momma went out to do her business. Sometimes I think its more the breed that tends to make them aggressive but there are exceptions. My BSL was a mea rooster that I have rehomed. He wasnt agressive to us but was not real good to his girls and was horrible to Peng. Pengs girls have no broken feathers from mating except a little at the head near the neck and not much at that. Lindys girls backs were horrible had to use saddles on them. I say if you want a rooster keep him and see how he turns out, but you really do need more girls for him. I have 12 right now for Peng and more that will be intergrated when they are older.

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