Tell my babies apart!


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Apr 29, 2017
Hi! I have 8 female chicks. 2 barred rock and 6 RIR. I’m only keeping on RIR, the one I rescued from TSC. The other 5 I’m raising for a friend. I want to know if y’all know how to tag her to tell her from the group. Right I can but afrai I might not be able to ina few weeks! I do. not. Want to punch a small hole in her web of her foot. That’s off the table
Thanks you guys!!
Food coloring on her head. There are zip ties for legs but you’ll have to keep changing those out. Also a single chick can get lonely. I suggest keeping at least 2.
If I did the math right, the OP is keeping three RIR and the two Barred Rocks.

Do you have the spiral leg rings over there? I have found they work well x

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