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  1. Everyone has a story! No matter who you talk to, they can tell you something interesting about themselves.

    You probably have a lot of things you could tell, like I do. What is something you've done, or has happened to you, or maybe there is a great story to tell about one of your ancestors in your family tree.

    Some stories are little things, and some are big things, but if it's interesting, tell us about it!
  2. Here is one of many I can tell (and I'm sure I'll get around to telling more eventually).

    One day some years ago, I heard a knock on the side door. I went and opened the door, and a beautiful dog walked in, some sort of setter. He immediately made himself at home, and nobody else was at the door. The dog is the one who "knocked" by nosing the screen door and making it bang against the door facing.

    I could tell he was some kind of show dog. I couldn't imagine where he could have come from. I live in a tiny rural community, and nobody around here raises show dogs that I ever heard of.

    I had him for several days while I as trying to find where he came from. Fortunately I had good dog food on hand to feed him. Since I was asking around, everyone around also started asking around, and the owner was finally located.

    It turned out to be a man who was on his way to a dog show with the dog. He had stopped at the service station across the highway, and the dog decided to jump out of the truck and go walkabout. The man was a long ways away before he realized the dog was gone, and by then he wasn't sure where along his route he lost the dog!

    He backtracked until he found the place where everyone was looking for the owner of that gorgeous dog, and he came and got him.

    Such a nice dog. So well mannered and affectionate. I almost hated to see him go.
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    Well,my animals have experienced me and encourage me more then anybody had!

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