Tell your 'what the heck was that thing?' scary story


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Apr 29, 2010
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When I was in college, I took a night class that had me on a very lightly traveled country road in the late evening. I was about 12 miles from home when suddenly...'BOOM!'..there was a huge explosive 'flash' right is front of my windshield! Scared the begeebers out of me! It was the middle of nowhere and there was no one there; no cars, no houses anywhere near. It was like a huge firecracker sparkler thing. When I got home and inspected the car, tere was no sign of fire or carbon or anything. I still have no idea what it was. It was south Texas in the fall of 1977. Anybody else have anything like that?
kinda....I ended up married though

on your story though anywhere near Kingsville...not that i might have known what happened but I was around there...I am sure it wasn't me though...but I know a guy that used to do stuff
Late one evening heading home from college I hit something. There was a large thud and something metallic went flying into the air. To all intent and purpose it looked like a flashlight. I immediately stopped positive that I had hit a person with a flashlight. When I got out of the car and searched, there was nothing there. I turned around and slowly drove back- there was nothing there. There was no damage to my car, and till today I do not know what happened that night.
This happened over 50 years ago, and just recounting the story brings back some of the anxiety that I felt. I was positive that I had hit someone.
One night something strange happened when I was over at a friends house playing cards. Right out side his dining room window was a pole for the tv antenna. Well we were all just sitting there at the table right in front of the window when all of a sudden this ball of electricity, about the size of a soccer ball, came down the pole. There were no storms in the area so I don't think it was lightning.
Mine happened 34 years ago and I feel the same, too. I'm such a logical, left brained person and I just couldn't (and still can't) figure it out...
About a month ago i was watching tv in my room, when i heard a noise outside, i got my flashlight and went outside to investigate. i looked around and saw nothing, but when i looked again, i saw 3 eyes shining back at me about 200 feet away, all 3 of them blinked at the same time so i ran inside to get my .22 and when i got back it was gone, and as i was walking inside my house, i heard these kind of deep clicking sounds coming from that direction
I've heard of ball lightening but I've never personally seen it. My mother described it to me after she saw it some years ago and my ex had seen it bob through a pasture one time. If it was ball lightening. I don't think the experts still know exactly what 'ball lightening' is either...

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