Telling my breeds apart?

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    Oct 31, 2012
    I ordered 20 chicks from Meyer hatchery to arrive between Feb 26th and Feb 28th, a friend and I are splitting them up. We ordered 2 chicks of 10 different breeds and we're going to have to separate the chicks so that we each have one of each breed. So my question is, are there any tell tale signs to identifying any of these breeds? Thanks in advance!

    ANCF Ancona Female
    $2.88 $5.76

    White Leghorn Female
    $2.71 $5.42

    Barred Rock Female
    $2.71 $5.42

    Black Australorp Female
    $2.71 $5.42

    Buff Orpington Female
    $2.71 $5.42

    Silver Laced Wyandotte Female
    $2.88 $5.76

    Easter Egger Female
    $2.88 $5.76

    Cuckoo Marans Female
    $3.83 $7.66

    Buff Brahma Standard Female
    $3.83 $7.66

    Rhode Island Red Female
    $2.71 $5.42
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    McMurray hatchery has chick pictures for each breed along with the adult picture that you can click on to tell them apart.

    I'd look there for starters.
  3. the ancona should have a beard, the leghorn chicks should be yellow, the barred rocks black with a little white on them, the austrolorp should be completely black the wyandottes are mottled in the face, and should have a light colored down, th buff orpington is a gold color (darker than the leghorn) the easter egger will look a lot like the ancona, the cuckoo I'm not sure what it will look like, the rhode island red is well, red lol and the cochin will be the only one with feathered feet!
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    Um, Anconas do not have beards (they might however, peck them out of other chickens). Perhaps you were thinking of Araucana or Ameraucana.

    Black Australorp chicks are NOT all black

    The Easter Egger will likely look NOTHING like the Ancona. In fact, one can't post a picture of a young Easter Egger and say YOURS will look like THIS. They are not a recognized breed, and can be a mix of any number of breeds, any color, will PROBABLY have beards and muffs but might not, PROBABLY have green or slate legs, SHOULD lay blue OR green, but might not.

    I don't have any of the other breeds so I can't comment on them.

    I'm sure the OP has figured out her chicks by now [​IMG] but:

    Top left to right, 2 or 3 days old:
    Partridge Chantecler - Chipmunk pattern
    Ancona - YELLOW body with black back and black spot(s) on head
    Faverolles, you can just see the muff on this one. The EASY way to tell is they have 5 toes instead of 4 and have feathers on their legs.
    Partridge Chantecler

    2nd row:
    Black Australorp - black top, light underneath
    Black Australorp

    3rd row
    Easter Egger

    4th row
    Easter Egger

    3 week old Ancona (the other girls is a Cubalaya)

    3 week old Black Australorps, as you can see, they are not yet all black


    six (?) week old Black Australorp - NOW she is black


    six (?) week old Ancona

    4 months old, Ancona on the left, Black Australorp center.
    other girls
    Faverolles between the first two, Partridge Chantecler bottom right.
    The others are a bit hard to describe in the picture but the brownish one
    with the black head behind the BA and the orange one are Easter Eggers.
    The other one behind the BA and the one behind her head are Cubalays,
    one is a Blue Red (her head is blending into the back of the other Faverolles),
    the other a red splash (or pyle, not sure).
    [​IMG]You can figure out the other Ancona and Partridge Chantecler

  5. melodyrg

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Thanks! Yeah I have definitely figured out y breeds now, we were really lucky in tht we didn't eat any doubles, although my leghorn was dead upon arrival :p but Ill be posting more pics soon!

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