Temp and humidity for eggs in Still Air Incubator.

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    Aug 26, 2011
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    I have a LG Still Air Incubator. I have 13 duck eggs in there. What should my temp and humidity be at during hatching? I don't want to keep changing it as one author says you should. I want to set it for the hatching and then change it for the lockdown. I think on my last batch I was too low. THIS IS A STILL AIR INCUBATOR. I have it in my closet, with the door open. It is sitting on a stand so it is not on the floor. The reason for this is because I am having foot surgery on Monday and I need to be able to reach them for turning, checking heat and humidity. I also have a very small fan on the floor on low blowing fresh air in the closet. So what temp and humidity should I be at please.
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