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    I know there's a thread somewhere that answers my question but I can't find it. What temprand humidity do you need in your incubator? How do I keep same humidity when water evaporates?
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    temp and humidity varies depending on what type of bird your hatching.

    for chickens, quail, and turkeys:
    temps - still air 101, forced air 99.5 dont worry if the temp drops just a little, but try to keep it below 102. - hens cant keep it perfect either.

    humidity - through incubation period 35%-50%, if you can let it run at 50% and dry out for a couple of hours. replace water as needed. open your incubator 15 minutes a day, the fresh air does them good.
    during your hatch period (last 3 days) raise the humidity to 45%-60%. if you have to open your incubator to replenish the water, mist the eggs lightly with warm (close to 99 degrees f) water.

    turn a minimum of 3 times a day.
    use cartons to hold eggs upright if shipped. big end up- this helps aid in correcting displaced air cells.

    incubation times
    standard fowl 21 days
    bantams 18-19 days up to 21 days

    turkeys typically 28 days

    quail varies - pharoah quail 18 days - bobwhite quail 23 days

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