Temp and humity levels


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Millbrook al
In my incubator came a small thermometer but no humidity monitor. we went to wal-mart and got a indoor humidity monitor and temp, it is a LCD The LCD is reading 102 and the small bulb one reads 97 what do I do

If you search the site you'll find directions on calibrating your digital thermometer. Rather than going to that trouble, I bought two of the Wal-Mart ones and they are always the same, so I just trust them. I think they were $8 each. I always add fresh batteries before each new batch of eggs. Good luck!
Make sure you calibrate the humidity monitor (hygrometer), they can be as much as 10% off in either direction. Both of mine from Walmart read the same, but both are 8% low. So at 35% humidity I am really at 43%.

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