Temp for two week old ducklings?


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Mar 10, 2011
So I got my ducky babies, YEA! But I'm unsure how warm to keep them. Does anyone have a recomended temp for two week old babies? They don't seem uncomfortable at all at room temp. I just wanted to be safe and make sure they are well spoiled!
First off...congrats on geting the babies. The temperature needed can vary a little- time of year- how many you have and what size brooder you are using. A very general idea would be 75 -80 degrees at that age- but they will also display behaviour to tell you if they are too hot or cold. Cold babies will huddle together and peep a lot- whereas if they are too hot- they wil be in the corners trying to get away from the heat lamp and most likely panting.
So basically just like my chicks. Good to know. Guess I'm just being that "overprotective mother" with my newest babies
I agree with the above post. However, I'd provide them a warmer end of the brooder for times when they're a little wetter or cooler. They'll choose which end of the brooder they're most comfortable in. Ducklings really don't need a lot of heat at two weeks though, so you're probably fine. Enjoy, and post pics when you can. We're junkies for duckling pics.
Mine are off heat when they are 2 weeks old, but they are living indoors with 65-70 degree temps. Just watch their behavior. They huddle, they need some heat. A 40 watt bulb is most likely more then enough.
After watching my broody Mom's who take the ducklings and chicks out starting at 3 days old... then sleep with them under their wings during the cooler nights... I do the same. During the day, starting at 3 days old, I put my ducklings outside with access to shade and a covered hay area. In the evening, when it starts to cool, I bring them inside in a box where the ducks generate enough heat to keep the box toasty. THe box has to be large enough for them to move, but small enough so that their own body heat generates enough to keep the box toasty. I put a few holes in the bottom of the sides and fold the box tops over so that there is a little hole on top. This ensures that convection will keep fresh air flowing through the box at all times in a controlled fashion.

Warning, I am in Florida, so my days (when cold) are usually 50 degrees or above, on occasion 40ish. I have never had any issues and my ducklings grow fine and healthy.

This also lets them free range from a young age, something I believe strongly in. Of course, I give them access to starter grow food on demand (being careful to put it where the ducklings can get it and the chickens can't).

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