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Hi chicken hatching gurus!

I have a question about temp and I have read a lot of posts about this but want to get this hatch right as my first was a complete failure. I have an LG with a fan (I know, get a Hova) It is coming in the mail but not in time for these eggs! Anyway, I am doing fine with humidity but my temp fluctuates just a tad. Not very bad and I can make micro adjustments that seem to be ok (no temp spikes like some people talk about) I have a thermometer that will measure temp on top of eggs and one in a water weasel. The incubator is in the quietest room in the house, minimal sunlight/drafts but still drops down a little at night. It will hum along happily at 99.5 all day then when I get up in the AM it is 98.5. If I turn it up just a tiny bit it will run around 99.5 to 100.5 depending on the time of day. Question is: Would it be better to run slightly warmer or cooler. Last hatch (or lack of)
I let it run on the cooler side to be safe and well, it obviously didn't work. Is it safe for the eggs to be 100.5 for a good part of the day? Thanks everyone!

P.S. I have towels taped over the windows and tape around the middle to seal the crack where the top and bottom fit together to reduce temp fluctuations which has helped a lot!
My LG runs from 99.1 to 100.9. I really believe why I didn't have a good hatch this past Saturday is because my temps went all the way up to 114 where I had originally placed my incubator. I have it in a better location now. Most of the day my incubator stays dead on 99.6 except when it is over 100 outside then it goes up slightly higher. I just make slight adjustments
i have read some pages where it says its best to let it run low than high
low will only delay the hatching but should be fine as long as the drop isnt great
but having it high can damage the embryos inside and possibly kill them
but also depends on how high the temp will raise i just let it drop one to one and a half degree
but always keep it under 100
I'm not familiar with the specifics of the little giant incubator so forgive me it this doesn't apply to your model. That said, I'm under the impression that the LG is a styrofoam box that has a fan inside that circulates the air so that more even/stable temps are achieved. Other than the slit between the top and bottom of this incubator, there is no way to get fresh air into to the bator. Eggs are living things and need that gas exchange. Wouldn't sealing that airway off with tape make it harder for those eggs to get what they need?

Also, water is a good sealer and if enough water got into that crack between the top and bottom, that could seal off the gas exchange too, just like the tape.

So I'm just brainstorming here. I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong. Just trying to help out. Perhaps someone else can chime in on these ideas.


You are right, it is a styrofoam bator with a fan. The LG has 8 air vent holes on the top and bottom of the bator as well as two large air vents in the middle of the top that come with plugs that LG recommends putting in towards the end of incubation to preserve humidity. (My last attempt I left the plugs out because I was not having a humidity problem and just wanted to be sure they got enough oxygen) The only place that is taped is around the middle of the bator, (other people have used weather seal) to prevent too much temp fluctuation. There are places where you look down into the bator and can see light coming through the cracks between the seal (prior to taping). I have towels over the viewing windows as many LG owners have reported more stabile temps when covered. The air vents are all open. I am trying to minimize temp swings with the tape and towels and it has worked very well. Mostly I am concerned about whether higher temps or lower temps are safer for the eggs. My bator has only ever gotten up to 102 during the last few days and that was when I turned it up in the AM because it was 98.5 but I think I will leave it be and see if it warms up on its own in the AM. Thanks for your help!

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