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Ok. so I have an Alpine A-frame style coop with a enclosed run. My wife and I need to take a vacation over Memorial Day, and i don't want to ask them to be home at dawn and dusk to open and close the run. So I made a temporary frame for the ground with strong 1x2" metal fencing that the coop sits upon. The fencing is screwed and stapled, it wont come loose. It wont prevent reach in but it will prevent dig in, and my gals always move up-stairs before dark. the weight of the coop (over 100lbs) holds it down, and we live in Indianapolis, so coons and possums are the main threat. The coop door might be open one or two nights in a week, but I'll try to get them to close it every night(if they remember). It just might not get closed till midnight. I'm gonna put it under trees so it's in shade if they forget to open it early. What ya think? Could I leave the door open for a week? Rats a worry?
Here are pics





and my raised bed garden, not relevant but cool. Heirloom veggies only; why grow what I can buy?


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I think you'll be fine for a couple days, although I don't know the type of predation you have in your area. That's the same fencing I use for my run. Our girls are usually locked in the coop at night, but there have been a few nights when that hasn't happened.

BTW...I like your raised garden.
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The thing is I think people are trying not to depress you by telling you what you probably already know -- that it is for sure better than nothing but not necessarily secure enough to *guarantee* you still have chickens when you return. If you could anchor the coop down better -- perhaps two or three of those screw-in anchors people tether dogs to, with a chain between 'em going over the coop? -- that would be safer; I don't know how much I'd bet on a dog or coon not being able to pry up even a 100-lb coop enough to squdge itself under the frame.

Rats can definitely get in; whether they WILL is partly a matter of your local rat population and mostly a roll of the dice.

But, ya know, you do the best you can and hope for the best; and *probably* nothing will happen. Make sure the caretakers know to check water and feed EVERY DAY even if it looks like there should've been several days worth left the previous day, b/c things can spill or (as you say) rats etc can occur.

Good luck, have a good vacation,


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