Temp. Range for Rabbits?

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  1. Willow's Meadow

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    Apr 16, 2010
    What is a comfortable temperature range for outdoor rabbits/barn rabbits? What is the temperature where it is way to hot and what is the temperature where it is way to cold? Like is it between 40 and 80? [​IMG]
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    Feb 25, 2008
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    There are many factors, age, breed, weight, health. But a good range is 30 - 85 'F. Younger rabbits need a litte more temperate 45-75'F
    The bigger the ears the easier it is to help them keep cool.
  3. Akane

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    Jun 15, 2008
    Rabbits here and in other northern climates are routinely kept outside through temps well below freezing and even in to the negatives. Overall they do better in cold than in heat. I haven't had any trouble so far despite some days with the heat index over 110F but I have seen lots of posts on keeping rabbits cool when the temps get over 85F. I think it's just that mine are on an enclosed porch on the north side of the house and get no sun along with occasional breezes from the window left open between the porch and air conditioned house. Breed does play a part. Some will tolerate hot or cold better than others.
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    Some of the breeds (ex mini rex) have a standard of ear length they cant pass. They way rabbits cool off is by ciculating blood through there ears to cool them down...this also makes the ears grow. So if you have a rabbit that has this type of standard you will want to keep them aroun 70 degrees or a little cooler. Also when its gets warm out..80 and above I will give out rabbits frozen waters bottles to lay against to help keep them comfortable. I also make sure the keep a breeze gping in the barn. We just moved from Michigan (pretty good weather for raising rabbits) to Kansas so the heat is a big factor for us that we are adjusting too. If i could id keep an air conditioner in the barn lol. A friend of mine just lost some of her hollands due to the heat but I monitor our barn pretty closely and we have been pretty lucky so far.
    Oh and one issue with keeping rabbits outside is that they can get sunburned. If you have ever seen a rabbit with a funny brownish topcoat (thats the best i can describe it) it is normally a sunburn. So I always keep my in the shade.
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    I agree, rabbits do much better better in the cold, as long as they can stay dry and are direct wind, etc. In the summer, they need lots of cool water, a fan to circulate the air if in a barn, a nice ice bottle, spritzing down their ears to cool them off, etc.

    Oh, by the way, Hi Karey [​IMG]

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