Temp "swings" in cabinet incubator

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10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
Cartersville, Georgia
I have recently gotten a new cabinet incubator made by a gentleman in WV who has been offering them for sale on ebay. Basically a 30" deep, 24" tall, 18" wide cabinet with two auto-turn shelves in it. Its designed to hold approx 150 eggs

Here's my issue....I am used to my Genesis 1588 which holds a rock solid 99.3 to 99.5F, no spikes, no drops in temp

I have placed 4 therm/hygros in this unit, one in the top shelf in the back, one in the top shelf front, one in the bottom shelf back, one in the bottom shelf front. Unlike my 1588, temps seem to rise to about 102.5 briefly, then fall back to around 98 before heater unit cycles again. Time for this to happen is about 3-4 minutes (full temp range, high to low). Overall average would be right at 100F.

I need some "experts" to tell me if this is ok, or will the high temp swing up kill the egg??!! I have played with this &*^% thing for over 2 weeks now and I have tweaked it all I can. (thinking maybe I should have spent the extra $350 and bought a Sportsman)

Advise, suggestions?

I have heard of issues like this with cabinet bators. I don't have one and don't want one for this reason. I will just stick to my Genesis 1588.

The fact that it doesn't hold a steady temp. will mess your hatches up.

I know that isn't helpful to you and hopefully someone will chime in that will be able to help you fix this issue.

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