Temp to move??


11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
100 miles SOUTH of Atlanta
I have had my chicks in our puppy whelping room for over a week now. Its time to put them in a bigger pen + I need the room.. The temp has been 80+ there whole lives. with gas heat & a red 250 watt. red heat lamp.
where I need to move them the tempatures should be around 70 . But with the heat lamp it should be warm under that , RIGHT??
how cold would be TO cold for 11 day olds? There is NO drafts at all in the whelping room, But in the coop there might be s little but not much.
can I do this move safely?


11 Years
Feb 29, 2008
South Central PA
Although I'm new to chickens, I moved my week olds from the warm laundry room to the basement and they were more than happy with the move because it allowed more room for them. I found that they will let you know what they need based on their behavior. I kept a 250w infrared over the main brooder and put a 150w infrared over the 'run' I attached to it. Both were cardboard boxes with full sides to help keep the heat in; the run had a 12x 24 'window' with chicken wire. They slept in the original smaller box with more heat and played all day in the other. I raised the heat lamps up for the next 2 weeks, then moved them into a dog kennel for further 'cooling' and to allow them more interaction with the world. They are now happy playing outside with weather in the 40's, but still let me know by their behavior if they are too hot, too cold, etc.
A long explanation for a simple point...keep and eye on them and they'll let you know what they need; they aren't nearly as fragile as you think and they know how to find a heat source if there is one available and they need it.

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