Temp variation help needed


8 Years
May 9, 2012
I made a refrig-a-bator today and have it running now trying to get the temp stable. I had it down so the fluctuation was 97-100 degrees and now it's running 99-102 degrees. Any ideas on how to get it more stable? I'm going to pick up one of those child proofing refrigerator locks tomorrow to hold the door tightly shut but beyond that I am stumped. It's a freezer above refrigerator and I have a computer fan in the top running and the heat light below. Maybe I need a stronger fan?
99-102 is perfect. I read somewhere that 100 is ideal, but some fluctuations is normal. My incubator upped and downed between 98 and 102 and the chicks hatched out fine. Remember a broody gets up now and then and lets the eggs cool down. She doesn't keep an even temp non-stop for 3 weeks. Mine gets up every day until it's nearly time to hatch and their chicks hatch out fine. And it gets cold where we live!
If you want it closer.First what kind of thermostat?Is the ambient temp pretty stable? A few shots in dark! If you got room put some 2 L bottles of water in 2/3/4/5/6/ for heat sink.Milk jugs will do...If your using light bulbs for heat try a little higher watt or lower watt that can fix things sometimes.Got a Fan?maybe change air flo.If you ain't get 1.. Change thermostat location/change heat location..Sounds like your real close ,so do whatever do 1 thing at a Time and give it time hours to stabilize .You can always go back the way it was! As for Heat Sink, in them Jugs cheat and fill wit water about 100 deg it will save on warm up time.....cva34
I'll try the jugs of water, I have a fan in it already. I put a latch on the door today to hold it really tight, so hopefully it'll all be evened out in a few hours.

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