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  1. We just set our 2nd batch of eggs Saturday night at 9pm. My inside egg temp according to my fake egg ranges from 98.6 - 99.5. It takes about 20 minuites for the egg to cycle from low to high temp and 20 to go back again. Question is: Is a avarage of 99 good enough? Using the water heater thermostat it is not easy to make small adjustments. Would it be better to have it cycle from 99.5 - 100.5? Is it worth taking the chance of trying to bump it up?[​IMG]
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  2. A totally inexperienced, and a simple observation on that I answered for myself based on the fact that too high temperatures can kill them with a smaller range of temps then having them too low will.

    Bear in mind that the eggs don't experience the same temperature range as the mass is more dense therefore the heating up and cooling down lags behind the air temps.
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    that is honestly too high for a chicken egg to hatch and will cook the embryo.
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