Temperature for lockdown?

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    Feb 21, 2012
    I have a question. So, when I first started incubating my eggs, I had a thermometer in there. Although, at about week two, I used to thermometer to regulate the temperature in the brooder. Then when I put it back in the incubator, it was reading 80 degrees. I got a little panicked, and turned it up. Then I got 62 mini IR thermometer to see what the temperature was, (this is not a regular thermometer, you can't just set on top of the eggs to regulate the temperature, you point at the eggs and it regulates it that way). It read 104 at first. Again, I got worried. I candled the eggs, and they were fine. I was kinda scared to mess with the temperature, so since the eggs were fine, I left it at that temperature. When I candled them yesterday they were still fine. I just realized to day, that I can't open to incubator to regulate the temperature during lockdown (which is right now). So my question is, if I get a new thermometer and a spray bottle, then could I open it to put the thermometer in? Then just mist the eggs afterwards? I'm worried that they are too cold. I've regulating the temperature the best I can through the holes in the top, but I'm not sure it's getting an accurate enough temperature. None of them are pipped yet. Any advice?

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